Manchester Launches I Love MCR to curb the consumption of single-use coffee cups in 2019


A local initiative conceived by I Love MCR, a marketing agency for the city of Manchester, and independent coffee shops are using reusable coffee cups on #PlasticFreeFriday. The reusable coffee cups are made with Biomaster technology, which is an antimicrobial silver-based additive that helps prevent unwanted and harmful bacteria. 

Apart from the goal of raising awareness, the sale of these cups raises money for the I Love MCR Charity. Each of the participating coffee shops was equipped with over 500 reusable cups with the I Love MCR logo, which customers can obtain with a donation to I Love MCR Charity or bring their own reusable cups for takeaway coffee. 

The initiative is aimed at curbing the city’s consumption of single-use coffee cups, which is estimated to be 350,000 disposable cups a day. The campaign was launched on the 25th of May, 2019.