LUSH launches zero-waste reusable lipstick cases for its vegan lipsticks


Cruelty-free cosmetics brand LUSH has launched a plastic-free, reusable lipstick case for its vegan zero-waste lipsticks.

The lipstick cases are refillable, and designed to be reused. Consumers can purchase naked refills of the vegan lipsticks and insert them into the case. The case is comprised of 40 per cent recycled materials, aluminium and brass.

In a statement to Plant Based News, LUSH said: "The multiple materials used to manufacture lipstick cases, means that when they are thrown away, most can not be recycled. They contribute to our global plastic problem; in the UK alone it is estimated we throw away over 295 billion pieces of plastic a year."

To know more about the plastic-free, reusable lipstick cases, contact the Sustainability Officer of LUSH, Katrina Shum on LinkedIn.