Deliveroo trials deposit refund scheme for reusable delivery packaging in Melbourne


Food delivery company Deliveroo has partnered with reusable packaging start-up Returnr as part of its initiative to become more sustainable. Returnr aims to replace single-use packaging with reusable solutions. It was created by the co-founder of KeepCup, Jamie Forsyth.

The trial began in late May of 2019 in selected restaurants in Melbourne. In the scheme, Deliveroo customers can choose to add Returnr to their Deliveroo order, which will add a refundable deposit of 6 AUD to the order. The meals will then be delivered in reusable stainless steel bowls, which customers can rinse after use and drop off at certain locations around the city. Once the bowls are returned, customers will receive their full deposit back. If the trial is successful, Deliveroo will work towards implementing it in other cities.

To learn more about Returnr, contact founder Jamie Forsyth on LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can also follow the company on Instagram.