Etee launches reusable and biodegradable product line


Etee (Everything Touches Everything Else) has created a line of 100 per cent plastic-free reusable products that can replace every day single-use products.

Etee’s product line includes resealable food wraps, dish soaps, freezer bags, dental floss, toothbrushes, sponges and more. The dyes used in the materials are non-toxic and free of heavy metals. The products are made from sustainable materials such as jojoba oil, organic cotton, tree resins, soy wax and the like.

The products are washable, biodegradable, and can be used up to 150 times. Etee’s biodegradable freezer bags are made from bioplastic (PHA) that will decompose in landfills, backyard composters, and in the ocean.

Check out Etee’s crowdfunding page to know more about their products, which are available to buy on the company’s website. You can also get in touch with Steve Reble, the founder of Etee, on LinkedIn.