By Humankind offers customers refills on a subscription basis


New York-based toiletries brand By Humankind is striving to eliminate plastic waste by offering subscription refills for its products.

By Humankind’s deodorants and mouthwash come in refillable containers that have a lifetime guarantee, and can also be recycled if need be. The refills, dubbed ‘kindfills’ come in biodegradable paper pods and are shipped in envelopes made from recycled materials.

Co-founder of By Humankind, Joshua Goodman said: "By introducing the concept of refillable containers in personal care, we are asking our customers to keep a permanent object in their bathrooms or homes.”

To know more about By Humankind’s refillable containers and shipping materials, contact Joshua Goodman on LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can contact the company through Instagram and Facebook.