Auckland Zoo is doing away with single-use cups

Auckland Zoo is doing away with single-use cups.jpg

Auckland Zoo is eliminating single-use coffee cups and replacing them with ‘Again Again cups, reusable cups made of stainless steel that can be washed and reused at least 500 times.

Under the ‘Again Again zero waste to landfill’ plan, visitors who want their hot drink as a takeaway have to pay a 3 NZD deposit to borrow an Again Again cup. The reusable cup can be used at the zoo and other Auckland cafes that have adopted the scheme or returned for a 3 NZD refund.

Tess Chilala, Auckland Zoo sustainability advisor, stated: “a more sustainable future for our planet, wildlife and people is going to require a fundamental shift in our relationship with the Earth. We really need to value the products that are made from our precious natural resources and consume with respect."