rCup- The world's first reusable coffee cup made from used paper cups


rCup is the creation of former Dyson designer Dan Dicker and a group of recycling experts who set out on a mission to create the best reusable cup on the market.

To make the rCup, used paper cups are shredded and blended together with polypropylene to create a new type of resin. One standard-sized rCup is made from six used paper cups.

The rCup has been designed to solve some of the problems that reusable cups have. Therefore, they are 100 per cent leakproof, uses a 360-degree opening and is also insulated. The lid and lining are made from polypropylene, making everything easily recyclable.

If your business is interested in rCup’s mission to cut down on single-use products, contact Dan Dicker on LinkedIn.