New Zealand-based company Ecostore brings refill stations to supermarkets


Ecostore, New Zealand’s leading brand in sustainability, has brought its refill stations to supermarkets around the country. The company makes refill bottles out of recycled plastic from milk bottles and sugarcane plastic.

Consumers can get their free starter Ecostore refill bottle at the supermarket, select the product they would like to refill, and pump the product into their bottle. They can then apply a label onto their bottle and pay at the checkout counter.

Ecostore’s CEO, Pablo Kraus, stated that the decision to bring refill stations to supermarkets is the leading way to minimising packaging waste as it will encourage customers “to refill rather than buy a new single-use bottle.”

If your company would like to get involved with Ecostore’s refill initiative, contact CEO Pablo Kraus on LinkedIn.