Starbucks to bring reusable cups to its stores in Asia

starbucks reusable cup.jpg

On Earth Day, Starbucks launched reusable hot and cold cups in its stores in Asia to encourage its customers to be more eco-friendly.

The reusable cup looks similar to the Starbucks white cup, but is made out of polypropylene. This material makes the cup sturdier than the paper cups. Customers will receive a “bring-your-own-tumbler” discount each time they buy a drink with their reusable cup.

Starbucks’ reusable cups have been available in the US, Canada and the UK since 2014, and will soon be available at Starbucks stores in Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and select stores in Japan.

Starbucks is also working to eliminate plastic straws from its stores by 2020. The aim is to remove more than a billion straws a year. Starbucks stores in Hong Kong and Macau have already replaced plastic straws with paper substitutes and wooden stirrers.

If your business would like to make more eco-friendly products or eliminate single-use ones, check out Starbucks’ initiative on their Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn pages.