Zero-waste scheme launched in Singapore's Yishun East


Singapore’s Yishun East district has launched a zero-waste scheme to eliminate the use of single-use products such as plastic straws.

The masterplan, which was announced by Yishun GRC MP Louis Ng, has a span of two years, with focus on plastic and paper items, carbon emissions, e-waste and food waste.

The programme will attempt to eliminate the use of straws, plastic bottles, utensils, plates and cups from meetings and events. They will do so by not providing certain products, such as bottled water or plastic straws at their town council meetings and events at the Nee Soon East Community Club. Documents for town council meetings will also be suspended by the end of the second quarter.

In order to tackle food waste, a Telegram chat has been arranged so that residents can share leftover food with each other. Leftover food at Nee Soon East events will be sent to food digesters for composting.

To find out more about Nee Soon East’s initiatives to cut down on plastic, paper and food waste, contact Nee Soon East MP Louis Ng at Alternatively, you can also get in touch with Nee Soon East’s town council through their website.