Disneyland Paris bans plastic straws; other parks to follow suit


Disneyland Paris has banned all single-use eating and drinking utensils from its parks. The company has begun offering biodegradable paper versions instead, and will only provide them at the request of its guests. President of Disneyland Paris, Natacha Rafalski stated that reducing their environmental impact is “a critical part of [their] strategic vision for the years to come”.

Other Disney Parks have begun implementing the use of paper straws as an alternative and will follow suit within the upcoming months.

Disney has also announced that they plan to replace plastic in their hotels and cruise ships with refillable in-room amenities. Over the next few years, the company also plans to utilise low-cost reusable bags in their parks and cruises.

To know more about their initiative for a more sustainable park, check out their news website.