Blueland launches plastic-free eco-friendly cleaning products


Blueland has launched a set of cleaning products in the form of tablets to cut down on plastic. The tablets eliminate the need for liquids in cleaning products, thus cutting down on the environmental and financial costs of the product. With the tablets, consumers can create multi-surface cleaning products by mixing them in with the water they have at home. The starter kit, which costs 29 USD, consists of three spray bottles and three tablets. When a refill is required, consumers can order new ones, which cost 2 USD per tablet.

Founder of Blueland, Sarah Paiji Yoo, stated that the goal of the company is to design “products that are easier to use, cheaper, and more efficacious. When you put a new tablet in the bottle, you don’t even need to shake it, since it dissolves on its own.”

If Blueland’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint interests your business, contact the company’s founder Sarah Paiji Yoo on LinkedIn for future collaborations.