UK Supermarket chain Co-Op set to replace all its single-use plastic bags with biodegradable options

One of the largest food retail businesses in the UK, Co-op supermarkets is set to replace the use of single-use bags throughout its various outlets. Co-op aims to bring this change to all its 2600 premises throughout England, Wales, and Scotland as part of a broader ‘ethical strategy’ launching end of September (2019).
Other initiatives include seeing all own-brand packaging to be ‘easy to recycle” by 2023 and achieve 50% recycled plastics in bottles, pots, trays, and punnets by 2021.

The plans also include the phasing-out of other damaging plastics and food waste in the longer term. The new biodegradable bags will cost 5 pence, but the broader push will be focused on consumer commitments ‘bags for life’.

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