London’s Lord's Cricket ground implements a Deposit Return Scheme for beer pots

‘The home of Cricket’, Lord’s cricket ground has completed its first summer season of what they call DRS (Deposit Return Scheme). Cricket-goers pay £1 deposit for each pint-pot they buy and are encouraged to reuse the pint pots throughout the visit. Lord’s disposed of around 800,000 single-use plastic cups in the last (2017) season which now have been reduced to a fraction of that and is expected to further reduce as spectators familiarise with the scheme. Most importantly, Lord’s will act as an example for other cricket grounds around the world.

The ground further plans to remove plastic straws and install 21 water bottle refill points for spectators to bring their own refillable water bottles to curb the sale of single-use water bottles. Furthermore, the scheme has made the post-match cleanup easier and cheaper.

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