Pret A Manger rolls out reusable cup in the UK

Foodservice chain Pret A Manger has unveiled its first reusable cup, which it has created with Ecoffee. It is made from light-weight bamboo fibre and has a re-sealable, no-drip lid. Its design features the Pret star on a cream background. Pret’s reusable cup is 12oz (355ml) and it costs GBP 10 (EUR 11.40).

As part of its Global Plastic Pledge, Pret said that it will also roll out paper straws, and removing hot drink stoppers and teaspoons this summer. Pret is also introducing more china cups to its stores.

Earlier this year, Pret A Manger introduced a 50p discount for using a reusable cup, which increased usage ten-fold. More at Packaging News