UK's Network Rail to rid stations of single-use cups and plastic by 2020

The manager of much of the UK rail network and its largest train stations, Network Rail, is to enforce a sustainability initiative on businesses operating at its stations that will see an end to the use of single-use cups and plastic cutlery by the end of 2020.

Network Rail is one of the UK’s largest retail landlords, with an estimated 900 million people using its stations a year. It has already written to the 150 retail brands based in its 20 managed stations, outlining plans to work with them to phase out plastic cutlery and cups. In February of this year, Network Rail already started introducing free water fountains in its managed stations to reduce the impact of single-use plastics. 

According to a number of major high-street chain stores that already trade on Network Rail’s property, including Greggs, Caffè Nero and Waitrose, the move by Network Rail is in line with their current sustainability strategy but the blanket ban of plastic cutlery and an enforced cup recycling scheme will help bring in line those that have yet to instigate change. More at Smart Rail World.