UK based 'Choose Water' to produce biodegradable, paper water bottles

Choose Water, a London and Edinburgh based water bottling company, is working on paper bottles that are eco-friendly and completely biodegradable, with a special lining that coats the inside of a vacuum formed 3D paper casing. 

The company claims that no matter where its bottles end up, whether if it's in the ocean or in landfill, they'll be gone within a few months. They don't leave behind toxic micro-particles, or leach heavy metals into the environment.

There's an Indiegogo campaign that has already surpassed its GBP 25,000 goal with still two weeks to go (the campaign ends on 29 May 2018).

All of Choose Water's profits are donated to its charity partner Water For Africa.

ringo's take: biodegradable bottle solutions are a great solution for any situation where reusable bottles (always the preferred solution) are just not possible or practical. One to watch!