Wollongong wants to be first single-use plastic free city in Australia

The city of Wollongong, Australia has set out to reduce 70% of its single-use plastics - such as straws, cutlery, carrier bags and coffee cups - by 2020. Spearheaded by Wollongong resident and keen surfer Andrew Gray, the aim is to become Australia's first single-use plastic-free city.

An alliance of community groups known as 'Plastic Free Wollongong' is now targeting school groups and working with the local council to ensure there's no single-use plastic at events. Crucial to the project is convincing companies that switching to alternatives is easy and good for business.

Case in point: Wollongong's Earth Walker Cafe, which uses metal or paper straws, sustainable takeaway containers and works with a local milk supplier to cut down on waste. They've now become the first business in Australia to be given the 'Ocean Friendly' stamp of approval by not-for-profit organisation Surfrider

The project isn't just about eliminating plastic in Wollongong. As Jeff Angel from Boomerang Alliance (a network of Australian environmental groups) says, they're creating a model that can be rolled out across the country. More at SBS News.