Frankfurt Airport launches new reusable bamboo cups, and introduces discounts too

So this kicked off end of last year, but definitely worth a Bringo mention: Frankfurt Airport has introduced reusable bamboo coffee mugs with an airport-themed design.

All restaurants located in the two terminals of the airport are currently offering these new environmentally friendly cups to passengers, at a cost of EUR 12,95, including the first filling.

There's also a discount (up to 50 euro cents, depending on the restaurant) for passengers who then bring their bamboo cup in the future (or any other kind of reusable cup). Subsequently, the airport encourages the passengers, guests and airport staff to donate the discounted amount to an environmental services group.

Initiatives like these will add up, as approximately 25,000 hot beverages are ordered daily at the airport, meaning more than 9 million disposable cups being used annually.

More at Packaging Gateway, and big thank you to Raymond Kollau, of Airline Trends fame, for alerting us to various aviation-related Bring Your Own initiatives.