Metal water bottles for sale in University of Ottawa vending machines

After banning the sale of bottled water on campus in 2010, the University of Ottawa has launched a new initiative — selling aluminum bottles in campus vending machines.

Celeste Digiovanni, a graduate student at the university, is the architect of the new initiative. She noticed the plastic water bottle ban left a gap for students who wanted easy access to transportable water, leading to many buying bottled beverages, such as pop, from vending machines and reusing the bottles for water.

The metal water bottles, which can be bought at University of Ottawa campus vending machines, cost only CA$ 3 each, and are sold empty — that way students are still encouraged to use public water, yet making it portable, too.

Bringo's take: the eco-wins at schools and universities are endless if more of them would ban bottled water, install refill stations and make affordable reusable bottles available for purchase. It also doesn't hurt it gets future generations to fully incorporate a Bring Your Own mindset into their daily routines. More at CBC.