Ryanair commits to plastic-free operation by 2023

Low-cost airline Ryanair will eliminate non-recyclable plastics within five years, removing them from in-flight products, switching to biodegradable cups, wooden cutlery and paper packaging aboard its flights, while making its head offices and other bases of operation - ground and engineering among them - plastic-free by 2023.

Moving towards a company-wide, plastic-free operation forms an integral part of Ryanair’s newly-announced environmental policy unveiled on March 7, 2018, and strengthens their position as Europe's greenest airline.

Bringo’s take: perhaps it’s time that Ryanair shifts the onus onto their passengers, to bring their own cups, cutlery, and water bottles, with points awarded to those that consider flying with Europe’s greenest airline a two-way street!

More at The Guardian.