Refill Germany signs up close to 1,200 refill stations in one year.

Modeled after its UK counterpart, Refill Germany is a network of cafes, shops and other venues where anyone can refill their own water bottle with tap water, for free. The goal is as simple as effective: the more refill stations out there, the more people will feel encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles when on the go, instead of constantly buying single-use plastic water bottles.

Refill Germany started in Hamburg a year ago, on 24 March 2017, and is now celebrating its first anniversary with 1,174 refill stations signed up in 60 German cities. There's an app, too, so consumers can easily find the nearest refill station. One to introduce to your country, too? (Tip of the hat to Daniel Hesselbarth, one of our spotters.)