CupClub: London startup introduces reusable cup subscription

Another cool, UK-based startup: CupClub. The company is trying to solve the disposable coffee cup problem by creating a reusable cup subscription service (somewhat comparable to shared bikes, which consumers pay for by the ride), in which reusable cups can be dropped off by users at any participating store. Retailers could reduce single-use plastic packaging by up to 40% through trackable products and an in-built loyalty scheme.

CupClub is now actively looking for corporate partners who are based in London, use more than 500 coffee cups per day, and are comfortable spending up to 15p per-cup (including lid) on a reusable solution. The company is committed to reducing the cost-per-drink, and increasing the data-flows that will demonstrate the long-term ROI and customer engagement. 

Cupclub is the winner of the 2017 Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize, so they're off to a good start. One of those ideas that is begging to be implemented elsewhere, too. Asap.
(Tip of the hat to Pedro Henrique Ribeiro Tribst, one of our spotters.)