Waterdrop, an Austrian startup, going after flavoured water market

We love this one: Waterdrop, an Austrian startup, is going after the water flavouring market, with  small, dissolvable cubes ('water drops') that contain 5 grammes of concentrated flavour, enough to spice up one litre of water.

Their pitch is a perfect mix of health (sugar-free, selected natural aromas, superfood extracts and vitamins, etc), flavour (think blackcurrant, ginger, lime, peach), eco (lightweight pods, biodegradable packaging, no need for buying bottles) and, Bringo would add, savings! (One waterdrop costs about 50 euro cents, so, in combination with a litre of tap water, this would save those purchasing lots of high-end flavoured beverages easily 100s of euros a year.)

Bringo is a big fan of the flavouring trend (check out Pepsico's Drinkfinity), as it potentially offers an alternative to the tens of billions of bottled, flavoured beverages that are currently not on the eco-radar, with bottled 'plain' water attracting most attention now. If consumers would start to flavour their tap water at home and on the go (in their own reusable bottles), things would get even more interesting. (Tip of the hat to Anne-Liese Prem, one of our spotters.)