Hong Kong's first zero-waste grocery shop has just opened


Tamsin Thornburrow, a 25-year-old retailer and interior designer, has just opened her new business, Live Zero Bulk Foods, at 24 High Street, Sai Ying Pun. It will be Hong Kong's first zero-waste grocery shop, selling essential foodstuffs, including flour, spices, grains, sugar, oil, baking powder, coffee and tea, as well as toiletries and utensils. Products such as flour and quinoa are kept in large self-serve bins, minimising packaging and encouraging customers to use their own containers.

Live Zero is priced to take on supermarket goods, with its range about 20 per cent cheaper than branded goods – the saving coming from the absence of packaging. 

Although the shop provides containers, customers will be encouraged to bring their own pots, jars and bags to fill. Live Zero will also operate a recycling scheme, where cleaned pots and jars can be donated to be used by others. Thornburrow also hopes to initiate a composting system in the backyard. More at the South China Morning Post.