Iowan Dental Association funds water stations and reusable bottles for public schools

Thanks to a gift from the Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation, three public schools in Marshalltown, Iowa, have received a water filling station, water bottles for students, and US$ 500 for an educational campaign to promote to drink water during the school day. The schools were chosen as the quality of tap water in Marshalltown is deemed high. 
Last Fall, the foundation already awarded US$ 230,000 to update water fountains in 54 selected Iowan schools, as part of its "Rethink Your Drink” campaign. 

Bringo's take: while the donated stations and bottles facilitate and promote drinking water over sodas and other sugar-saturated beverages, they obviously also help cut down the use of single-use bottles, and introduce kids to a 'bring your own' mindset, so this is a double win. Definitely one to be copied by dental associations around the world. The more combined causes and allies, the better. More at Bobcats.