Drinkfinity: PepsiCo's reusable water bottle that comes with flavor pods

PepsiCo's newest venture, Drinkfinity, is centered on a 20-ounce reusable water bottle that comes with sets of flavor pods (think 'Mango Chia Flow' and 'Pineapple Coconut Water Renew'). Users fill up their Drinkfinity bottle with water, unpeel a pod’s label, remove their bottle’s cap, and push the cap of the lid through a pointed plastic structure. This ruptures the dry storage area in the pod and releases the concentrated liquid, which pours into the container. Then it's shake and drink. The bottle itself has a magnetic spot on its side to hold down the cap so it doesn’t hit its owners in the face as they guzzle. 

The pods, which contain two ounces of liquid, range from 30 to 80 calories each. With the variety of flavors and emphasis on trendy superfoods, Drinkfinity is primed to tap into the billion-dollar health and wellness market, and could potentially appeal to soda drinkers trying to kick the habit.

The system’s sustainability is one of the driving forces behind the design. To create Drinkfinity, PepsiCo had to rethink the supply chain, manufacturing, shipping, and even recycling. That resulted in the full life cycle of a single pod producing 40% fewer carbon emissions than the typical 20-ounce drink housed in a plastic bottle one would buy at the supermarket. The pods also use 65% less plastic than these 20-ounce bottles. When customers check out from the website, they get postage-paid envelopes to ship 30 pods at a time to a company that will recycle them.

Bringo's take: while recycling of any kind of pods or capsules remains a challenge, letting consumers add flavors to their reusable (tap) water bottles is yet another piece of the puzzle to diminish the use of single use (soda) bottles AND offer some variety. More at Co.Design.