Taiwan to phase out single use straws, utensils and more

Taiwan has just outlined a phased approach to eventually banning all single-use plastic bags, straws, utensils and cups. 

Plastic straws are the first item to be targeted: starting in 2019, food and beverage stores will be restricted from providing plastic straws for in-store use. In 2020, free plastic straws will be banned from all food and beverage establishments. Then, starting in 2025, plastic straws for carryout will be banned and customers will need to pay a fee to use them. In 2030, the goal is to have a complete blanket ban on the use of plastic straws at all establishments in Taiwan.

As for plastic shopping bags,  they will be banned in 2020, in all stores that issue uniform invoices, while in 2025, prices on plastic shopping bags will be raised, and by 2030 such bags are to be completely banned. 

Also, starting in 2020, food and beverage businesses will not be allowed to provide customers inside their establishments with disposable utensils. In 2025, the a price system will be implemented on disposable tableware, and by 2030 a complete ban will be imposed.

Last but not least, in 2020, plastic beverage cups will be restricted and by 2025 users will have to pay an extra fee to use them. By 2030 take-away beverage cups will be completely banned.  More at Taiwan News.