Nada, new zero-waste grocery store, opening soon in Vancouver

Another zero-waste grocery store is set to open in Vancouver: this Spring, Nada Grocery will sell produce, eggs, cured meats, fresh and frozen local fish, as well as other grocery items, and be equipped with a self-serve digital weighing station.

Co-founder Brianne Miller, a former marine biologist, was inspired to open Nada after years of spotting trash floating in oceans and washing up on beaches.

After hosting more than 75 pop-up stores of bulk goods and community events on the environment since 2011, Miller was confident there’s enough of a demand for a zero-waste brick-and-mortar store.
Her instincts appear to be on point: last Fall, a crowdfunding campaign for Nada surpassed its CA $20,000 goal in less than 48 hours. The campaign raised $55,000. Miller would love to expand the store’s customer base from “hardcore dedicated” zero-waste shoppers to a more mainstream audience. More at the The Vancouver Sun.