US-based KELIGREEN is fundraising for ‘mobile refill stations’ for detergents

Missoula-based entrepreneur Keli Lake’s start-up KELIGREEN intends to deliver its refill detergents straight to its customers, eliminating the need for single-use plastic containers they usually come in. The mobile refill station will be supported by a tracking system installed in individual KELIGREEN container, which the user gets to keeps, allowing the company to deliver the refill detergent locally. The start-up envisions that this business model will not only address the single-use plastics in detergents and soaps but also curb the need for shipping involved in most refill models. KELIGREEN currently operates 2 mobile refill stations and is presently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise 35,000 USD to fund the software that will track and deliver products to individual customers and retailers.


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