Matchmaking reusable innovations to opportunities, worldwide.

Why & what

Bringo, a boutique matchmaking agency centred around reducing single use plastics, from bags to bottles to cups, brings together the start-ups, investors, B2C and B2B brands, governments, universities and NGOs all working hard to reduce waste, worldwide.
From spotting and sharing innovations from around the world (ready to be copied, partnered with, or improved), to actively getting involved with promising innovators, we help the ‘bring your own’ doers find the right partners or investors to facilitate international expansion.

If you’re already deeply into reducing single-use waste, and want to expand globally, then please do get in touch - our contact details can be found below. We’re keen to help you go further.

Bringo is part of the On Purpose Ventures BV portfolio – niche sectors with a purpose.




We’re always looking to add bright and bold people to our team. Whether you’re an ambitious young professional or a wise veteran, it doesn’t determine your contribution - we believe passion and purpose are more important. If you’re interested in one of our roles then please head over to On Purpose Ventures’ listings page.



If you have a query about what we deliver or how you fit into the future of ending single-use waste, just reach out to us via, which we check 24/7, so expect a quick reply.

Address: Zeeburgerpad 8, 1018 AJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)685 662 490